Not much reminiscing in this entry…………..

Today I am taking care of just one client.  On a Saturday.  The day before Easter.  This is usually a day that I would be sweating to the oldies, or any music for that matter, and feeling the pain.

Why just one client on such a traditionally BUSY day, you might ask?  Because I can, that’s why.  And cause I hurt.  Everywhere.

This is one of the big reasons that I wanted to start this blog.  I want to hopefully help and encourage young pain free stylists to stay that way, and to encourage their bosses and mentors to be in on this with me.

When I was new in the industry, no one taught me what shoes would be best for my feet, or how important it was to take mini breaks during the day to stretch my body, or to take baby sit down breaks during the day. Noooooo, I wanted to work, work, work, and make money$, money$, money$.  And I did, only now I live the consequences, which I am working on changing.  Its slow and a lot harder than it would have been if someone had told me the things I’ll be sharing in the blog.

The best boss I ever had did tell me how messed up her feet were from wearing the wrong shoes, which gave her very painful bunions and made it hard for her to wear most shoes.  I think she quit cutting hair because of it at around age 50.  I am 61.

I have friends in this industry that have chronic pain because we were never told how to stand, or hold our arms,  or maybe we were told but we didn’t listen.  Cause we were young and perfect and strong and capable of ANYTHING!

Repetitive motion.  It’s a bitch.

So amongst some of my reminiscing I’ll also share my insights with you, so you won’t be hurting 20 or 30 years in.

I’ll let you know some of my magic bullets in blogs to come.

Happy Easter.  He is risen!


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