In the hair world, I always wanted to be a pacemaker, one of the coveted ones that other stylists looked up to and wanted to emulate.  In the old days, before hair shows and seminars were controlled by manufacturers, I traipsed around the USA and once to London attempting to learn how to be the most bad ass hairdresser known to mankind.

It was so much fun.  The whole salon leaving Austin, Texas and going to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Hammond, New York, London, and I can’t remember where else.  Going to these places we would see the cream of the crop in the industry and it was thrilling.  We all wanted to be the best.  I wanted to be the best.

Before I opened my Austin salon, my favorite boss in the world gave me my first apprentice.  I scared the hell out of her.  When she was introduced to me, I growled at her like a dragon.  That’s a sure fire way to get someone to want to be like you.

I never became one of the “it” stylists.  Never a platform artist, never a trendsetter, but I did train a flock of young stylists.

I have since had a sea of apprentices.  I have loved each one.  A good handful of them are successful salon owners, and that pleases me to no end.  It is like watching your kids graduate with a PH.D.

As it is in life, the best way to own your gift is to give it away.   It’s like a river that flows into the sea, strong and vibrant.  But when that river is blocked it becomes stagnant.  Sharing what I have learned creates the most satisfaction that I have known as a stylist.  It is the same for every aspect of life.  Passing on wisdom is rewarding, and gaining wisdom is essential.  Its an awesome exchange!

Keep your river flowing.

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