How can I express how much A&C College of Beauty changed my life?  The name alone evokes scenes of curlers, hairdryers, blue hair,  and the smell of stinky rotten eggs otherwise known as perm solution.

I remember the time, the ONE time (thank God) that I was required to trim a man’s beard.  He had come in for a haircut, but he asked me to trim his beard.  The fellow was probably in his late 40’s, kinda dumpy and none too clean.  His hair was greasy and pretty gross, but his beard topped the charts for digustingness.

When I got close enough to his face to take a look at the shape of his beard, an aroma wafted past my nose, and it was not good.  I wonder if I can really write here what the smell of his beard reminded me of.  I will attempt not to insult anyone as I write this, but the bottom line was this guy’s facial hair smelled like a private part that had not seen a bath in a month.  At least.

And to top it all off, he had a good deal of his last several meals lodged in that nest on his face.  I had to use Silva Mind Control to keep from gagging.

Because I was, and still am, a people pleaser (very common in my industry), I cut the beard, and promised myself that I would never do this particular service again.  Thankfully, the other male clients that were to be in my future enjoyed bathing and grooming their beards, so I went back on that promise I had made to myself on that horrible and fateful day.

That day I learned that perms smelled infinitely better than I ever thought they could.

Compared to you know who:)

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