She is sitting in my chair processing right now.  Highlights and lowlights.  She has a super cute short, spunky hair cut, and the color is as individual as she is.

The whole time I was applying color, she talked about how she needs to lose weight, how her husband thought her hair looked good today before she came in (which to her meant that he is not really paying attention), and how she doesn’t go out and see anyone really, and that heck, what difference does it make anyway……….she is doing this hair thing for HER.

It has got me pondering how many people are thinking about the way they look not because they are vain, but because they are insecure.  I know it is like that for me.

When I weighed 70 pounds more than I do now, I tried on 3 outfits every morning, which was bogus anyway because they were all boxy tops and elastic waisted pants.  I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, all the while saying horrible things to myself, about how fat and ugly I was.  But no one else knew how I felt.  I wasn’t about to share that self indulgence in hating myself.

I was brought up learning that beauty comes from the inside, not the outside, that someone can be aesthetically pleasing to look at and be the cruelest person on the planet.  So WHY, did I not extend that acceptance to myself.

Why doesn’t my beautiful client see how she looks to me?

I consider that a bunch of us are like this, but never talk about it.  I want you to know, that no matter how much you weigh, no matter how old you are, no matter that your husband doesn’t tell you anymore that you look pretty today, or that you don’t have a mate to tell you how pretty you are………no matter all these things(they are lies) you are beautiful, and God created you beautiful.

When I am done with her hair, I will tell her how gorgeous she is, cause she IS, and hopefully when she gets home and looks in the mirror, she will remember.

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